EE163A Communication Theory I
Winter Quarter 2009
Instructor: Kevin Quirk
Teaching Assistant: Imran Malik


Important Reminder!
Please check the course homepage often for important and last minute announcements.
09 mar 2009
The forth problem set has been posted.
23 Feb 2009
The third problem set has been posted.
11 Feb 2009
The take home midterm is due by the start of lecture on 2/18.
26 Jan 2009
The second problem set has been posted.
16 Jan 2009
The contact information for the TA has been added. His office hours will be determined on Wendesday.
14 Jan 2009
I replaced problem 2 in problem set #1. The original problem will appear on the next problem set.
12 Jan 2009
The first problem set has been uploaded.

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